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Help Fuel Others While Fueling Your Profits Too: 14+ Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs for 2023

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Disclosure: This blog is reader-supported, so if you purchase something through my affiliate links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and believe can benefit you too.

Nowadays, striving for personal growth is no longer an option for people — it’s a necessity.

From improving their physical and mental health to enhancing their public speaking skills, people invest in themselves like never before.

And as a result, the global personal development market is flourishing, valued at about $41.81 billion in 2021 with a projected annualized compound growth rate of 5.5%.

What if you could act as a liaison for people in their pursuit of self-development — with the added bonus of making a living while doing so?

That’s where personal development affiliate programs come in.

By teaming up with the best companies in the personal development space, you can refer people to the tools they need to achieve their self-development goals — and get paid for it at the same time!

Such a mutually beneficial collaboration, right?

But, wait — this moment gets even better. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you by gathering a list of 14+ active personal development affiliate programs.

From online courses and subscription platforms to in-person events, these programs offer a wide range of promotional tools and assets that will help you spread the word about their program/product effortlessly.

So whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro, this post will provide a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right program to promote.

All right, let’s get into it.

1. MasterClass Affiliate Program


Want to learn from the best in the world?

MasterClass offers online classes taught by world-renowned experts in various fields, like public speaking, negotiation, writing, photography, cooking, and more.

If there’s something you’re trying to improve about your life, MasterClass is likely to have a class for it.

The MasterClass Affiliate Program offers an attractive commission rate of 25% and an impressive EPC of $236.45 with a monthly payout via direct deposit, PayPal, or paper check.

Plus, your affiliate link cookies are active for 30 days, meaning you’ll get credit for every sale purchased through your affiliate link within that time frame.

For only $17 per month, people can tap into a wealth of knowledge and skills — and with MasterClass’s well-known brand presence and a star-studded roster of instructors, you’re sure to get people clicking on your links more easily — making it an attractive offer for customers and a lucrative one for you.

Commission Rate: 25%

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Payout Methods: ACH Check

EPC: $236.45

2. Mindvalley Affiliate Program


Looking to enhance your personal growth journey?

Mindvalley is a popular platform that’s big on optimal thinking and mindfulness.

It offers tons of personal development programs and courses, and workshops to help people reach their full potential.

By taking courses in topics such as emotional intelligence, leadership, and spiritual growth, people can supercharge their well-being through immersive learning experiences.

The Mindvalley Affiliate Program offers an alluring 30% commission rate and $1 to $4 EPC per sale.

You’ll get credited for every sale you refer within 30 days of the customer clicking your affiliate link, and you’ll be able to receive your commissions on the 15th of each month through PayPal.

Mindvally uses the reputable NPS calculator (Net Promoter Score) to hold its courses and workshops to the highest quality by monitoring all customer feedback and reviews.

It has a strict policy of ensuring all course offerings are rated above 8 on the Net Promoter Score; any course or session that scores lower than 8 points is removed from the Mindvalley platform.

So yeah, Mindvalley’s courses are top-tier, trusted, and highly sought-after, so you can rest assured that your referral links will be used.

Another standout benefit of Mindvalley’s affiliate program is its retargeting campaigns.

Affiliates can benefit from retargeting ads that are funded by Mindvalley — which will help convert more customers and increase ROI.

Additionally, affiliates are given access to a special masterclass funnel with an impressive conversion rate of over 20%.

Like c’mon!

Furthermore, you’ll get paired with an attentive affiliate manager and receive complimentary access to all Mindvalley programs annually, a value of $499.

With an impressive commission rate, engaging content, and a supportive affiliate community —this affiliate program is the perfect way to earn extra money while helping others improve their lives.

Commission Rate: 30% per sale

Payment Frequency: 15th of each month

Payment Method: Paypal

EPC: $1 – $4

3. PluralSight Affiliate Program


Ready to enhance your tech skills?

PluralSight is an online learning platform that offers courses in technology, creativity, business skills, and so much more.

PluralSight’s content library has nearly 7,000+ courses that range from beginner to advanced levels and cover the latest tools and trends in software development, data engineering, artificial intelligence, etc.

PluralSight also offers hands-on content and coding projects, certification exam prep, coding challenges, and more.

For affiliates, PluralSight offers a competitive commission rate of 50% per sale for monthly subscriptions and 15% per sale for annual subscriptions.

You’ll also benefit from optimized creative content, access to courses, a monthly newsletter, and more.

Plus, you’ll receive a free trial of Pluralsight courses to sharpen your own skills.

With PluralSight’s on-demand technology learning platform, you can assist others in mastering the latest in-demand skills while earning some hefty commissions.

Commission Rate: 50% per sale (monthly), 15% per sale (annual)

4. LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program


Want to upskill and increase your value in the job market?

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that offers courses in diverse topics like business, technology, and design.

It has thousands of courses, videos, and interactive learning tutorials to help you stay ahead in the competitive job market.

With LinkedIn Learning, you can join from anywhere, at any time, and learn new skills with the help of expert instructors.

You can even download courses to watch on the go, so you can learn and stay productive even when you don’t have access to the internet.

As for the LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program, you can join and earn up to $10 per free trial sign-up or 35 percent of the sale from a standalone (individual course) purchase.

LinkedIn Learning also offers a 30-day tracking cookie.

Commission Rate: $10 per free trial sign-up, 35% per standalone course purchase

5. Skillshare Affiliate Program


Want to learn new skills or brush up on existing ones?

Skillshare is a great way to learn new skills or hone existing ones.

With thousands of classes available from beginner to expert level, there’s something for everyone.

Take advantage of Skillshare’s free trial period to get familiarized with all that Skillshare has to offer before you spread the word.

As a Skillshare Affiliate, you can earn a 40% commission for every new customer you refer with a monthly payout.

That’s up to $67 per every customer you refer.

By signing up for the Skillshare affiliate program, you can take advantage of their 30-day cookie policy, real-time tracking, and exclusive offers.

They rotate their exclusive offers monthly with special promotions so you can keep your marketing exciting.

Commission Rate: 40% per sale

Payment Frequency: Monthly

6. Teachable Affiliate Program


Teachable is an awesome platform for creators and entrepreneurs to create, host, and sell their own online courses.

It’s easy to use and is packed with tons of features to make running a course business easier.

The Teachable affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn recurring commissions with a 90-day cookie window, and you can earn up to a 30% commission depending on the volume of conversions you’re able to drive.

You’ll be assigned a unique tracking code, accessible in their partner portal, which makes it easy for you to earn commission by referring creators on any page.

Plus, you’ll get access to robust campaign reporting that allows you to analyze campaigns for any time period and monitor how different activities perform.

Teachable uses Impact’s industry-leading technology and payment processing platform to power the backend of their partner program, so you can rest assured that payments and tracking are reliable.

Commission Rate: Up to 30% commission

Payment Frequency: Monthly

7. Real Subliminal Affiliate Program


What if there was a secret tool that could help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind and achieve your wildest dreams and aspirations?

Real Subliminal is the leading provider of audio programs designed to help people tap into their subconscious power and achieve their goals.

They can help you stop bad habits like procrastination, smoking, and overeating and create new habits like faster learning, better concentration, improved self-confidence, and so much more.

Their powerful and effective subliminal messaging programs are proven to get results.

So if you’re looking to tap into your subconscious mind while tapping into a wealth of extra income, too — the Real Subliminal Affiliate Program is for you.

It has a conversion rate of 4%+, so you can be confident that your efforts won’t go in vain.

They also give you a list of keywords and PPC advice so you can get the most out of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Plus, they pay you a 35% commission on every sale that comes in through your affiliate link.

And, with a lifetime cookie duration — someone’s gonna budge at some point, even if it’s not the first time.

But wait — it gets even better! Unlike most affiliate programs, the Real Subliminal Affiliate Program provides a two-tiered affiliate system that works in your favor.

This means you get to double your commissions.

If someone signs up and becomes an affiliate through your link, you get credit for all the sales they make in addition to your own.

Whoa right? I know.

Commission Rate:  35% per sale

Payment Frequency: Monthly

EPC: $50+ per 100 clicks

8. Rocket Languages Affiliate Program


Tired of not understanding what people are saying?

Rocket Languages is a language-learning platform that helps people learn a new language quickly and easily.

They offer multiple award-winning language courses in Spanish, Sign Language, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.

And with more than 1.4 million 5-star reviews from satisfied customers — you can be sure that Rocket Languages is a top-notch language learning platform.

But the cherry on top of this delicious cake?

An affiliate program you don’t want to miss out on.

The Rocket Languages Affiliate Program offers a 20% commission per sale, 120-day cookie duration, regular promotional coupons, exclusive deals, and an average order value (AOV) of $145 — sounds pretty sweet, right?

Plus, they provide a wide selection of creative banners and links, an updated data feed, and a dedicated affiliate management team to help you make the most out of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

So if you’re looking to help others learn a new language while simultaneously earning money — this is one affiliate program you must join.

Commission Rate: 20% per sale

Payment Frequency: Monthly

9. Udemy Affiliate Program


Want to learn a new skill for the price of lunch?

Udemy is a hub for online education that connects students with opportunities to grow and succeed.

Whether you’re looking to master a new skill, explore a new subject, or start a new career, Udemy has you covered with its diverse library of 100+ categories.

From web and app development to IT and software, business, marketing, and more — Udemy’s offerings are truly unmatched.

And did you know that some of its top instructors have made a fortune? With Udemy’s backing and support, the potential for success is limitless.

There’s more — the Udemy Affiliate Program, hosted by multiple networks, including Impact, FlexOffers, Rakuten Advertising, and Awin.

With this program, you can earn up to 15% commission per sale, with a 7-day cookie duration and a payout threshold of $50. Payment is made via PayPal or direct deposit.

So if you’re looking to make money while helping others learn, the Udemy Affiliate Program is definitely worth considering.

Commission Rate: Up to 15% per sale

Payment Frequency: Monthly

Payment Methods: Paypal, Direct Deposit

10. Inner Talk Affiliate Program


Want to get rid of your negative self-talk?

Inner Talk is a subliminal messaging program that helps you reprogram your thoughts and develop a more positive mindset.

It features double-blind tested audio programs for improved self-talk, sports performance, better sleep, and more fulfilling relationships — all designed to help you get the most out of life.

This can help you stop negative habits like talking down to yourself, procrastination, and overthinking.

With the Inner Talk Affiliate Program, you can earn a 20% commission per sale, which averages to $15 a signup.

And with an EPC of $31.20 and a cookie duration of 90 days, you can earn a pretty satisfying passive income while helping your audience reprogram their mindsets for the better.

Commission Rate: Up to 20% per sale

EPC: $31.20

Payment Frequency: Monthly

11. Coursera Affiliate Program


Want to improve yourself with self-paced courses?

Coursera is an online education platform that offers thousands of courses and specializations from top universities and educational institutions around the world.

You can choose from over 4,000 courses covering topics like computer science, business, and data science — perfect for those looking to expand their knowledge and advance their career options.

With the Coursera Affiliate Program, you can earn up to 45% commission on any eligible purchases your users make within 30 days of clicking a qualified link.

You’ll also have access to Coursera’s custom banners and text links, weekly affiliate newsletters, and access to the product merchandiser field — updated daily.

Even if a person is already a registered user of Coursera, you can still earn commissions from their eligible purchases.

And if they purchase multiple courses while using your link (even if it’s not one you specifically referred them to), you’ll receive commissions for those too.

Commission Rate: Up to 45% per sale

Payment Frequency: First Month’s Transaction

12. Tony Robbins Affiliate Program


Ever interacted with the king of personal development?

Tony Robbins, the self-made millionaire, has empowered and helped transform the lives of over 50 million people from 100 countries to achieve their dreams.

He’s big on self-development and professional growth and established the top personal and professional development program globally — with more than 4 million people attending his live seminars and conferences.

The Tony Robbins Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions when someone purchases any of Tony’s products or services through your unique affiliate link.

Encourage others to join this incredible and transformational personal growth journey with you — as a partner in Tony’s mission — and you’ll receive a 15% commission with a 45-day cookie duration.

This affiliate program also offers free tracking tools, notifications of specials/sales, free coupons, and more to help you succeed.

Commission Rate: 15% per sale

13. Coach Training Alliance Affiliate Program


Have you ever wanted to be a coach — dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential?

Now you can, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Did you know that the personal development industry is now valued at over $60 billion worldwide?

And coaching services account for a large share of this revenue?

Coach Training Alliance (CTA) is one of those leading global coaching organizations making a serious impact in the personal development space and they’ve been a leader in the professional coaching industry since 2000.

They’ve produced 8,000+ alumni in 13+ countries and have developed a comprehensive Certified Coaching Program that provides students with the guidance, tools, and techniques they need to be successful.

With CTA, you’ll get access to their highend technology, proprietary methods, and exclusive content, as well as their specialized Coach Training Accelerator and Yoga 2 Life Coaching Program.

The Coach Training Alliance helps students identify their goals and achieve them while providing an easy-to-follow system of modules that cover everything from key concepts in coaching to mastering the art of communication.

Their mission is to help you become a cerfitied coach and make a living doing what you love.

So no matter if you are a public speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, executive, a current coach in need of marketing and business skills, or simply an individual seeking personal development — CTA has you covered.

And if you know others who fit into any of these categories, you can spread the word by joining the Coach Training Alliance Affiliate Program.

You’ll be able to earn generous 15-50% commissions ($550+ per referred class) while promoting this life-changing opportunity.

Plus, with a 365-day cookie duration and an average of $300+ EPC (Earnings Per Click), there’s no better way to get in on this profitable industry.

Start helping people on their journey to becoming certified coaches as soon as now.

You won’t regret it instead, you’ll get paid for it 😉

Commission Rate: 15-50% per sale

EPC: $300+

14. Panda Planner Affiliate Program


Are you looking for a way to help others get their lives on track?

The Panda Planner, an organizational paper planner, has gained widespread popularity and has earned thousands of glowing five-star reviews from its users.

This product is a perfect way to help people stay on top of their lives and take action toward fulfilling their goals.

If you’re into planners and looking for a quality affiliate program here you go.

As a Panda Planner affiliate, you get a 12% commission on every sale you refer.

The earnings-per-click (EPC) is as high as $54.58, and the cookie duration is a generous 45 days — giving you plenty of time to drive sales through your content.

By promoting the Panda Planner, you’ll be helping others progress toward their goals by finally taking action and becoming more productive individuals — all while earning a commission for your efforts.

So what are you waiting for? Looks like you have a plan now 😉

Commision Rate: 12% per sale

EPC: $54.58

15. Hemi Sync Affiliate Program


Are you looking for an opportunity to help others unlock their brain’s potential?

Hemi-Sync is the original patented audio technology that provides powerful binaural beats for users of all ages.

Binaural beats are sound frequencies that sync with brainwaves to help people tap into more of their innate (natural) abilities, like enhanced creativity, improved productivity, heightened focus and concentration, deep meditation, deep sleep, stress relief, and the uncovering of intuitive talents — just to name a few.

With the Hemi Sync Affiliate Program, you can earn a 5% commission for every sale you refer.

The average order size is over $70, and the 365-day cookie duration ensures you’ll get credit for your hard affiliate marketing work.

Wait… do you hear that?

Sounds like a sound frequency of productivity with the added benefit of passive income 😉

Commission Rate: 5% per sale

Average Order Size: $70+

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why join personal development affiliate programs?

Personal development affiliate programs are a great way to help people achieve their goals while also earning a commission for your efforts.

With these programs, you can help people improve their lives and tap into more of their potential — all the while increasing your own income.

Why should you promote personal development affiliate programs?

Promoting personal development affiliate programs is a great way to make passive income while helping others.

Whether it’s recommending life coaching courses, productivity apps, or any other self-improvement program — you can earn a commission for the products and services you promote.

Plus, these products and services are in high demand, so the potential for earning a good income is definitely there.

How do you effectively promote affiliate programs?

There are so many ways to promote affiliate programs.

The most effective way is usually to write quality and helpful content related to the product or service you’re promoting.

You can also leverage other forms of marketing like PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, video tutorials and reviews, social media pages/posts, email blasts, and more.

It’s important to be creative and test out

It’s Your Turn

The fact is that everyone wants to be their best and the best, and that can only happen by constantly improving and working on themselves.

And with the massive growth of resources in the personal development niche — now’s the best time to lucratively help people achieve self-confidence by becoming their best selves.

So now that I’ve introduced you to some of the best personal development and self-help affiliate programs, it’s time for you to take action.

Explore the opportunities mentioned in this post and sign up for the affiliate programs that align best with your values.

Then send out genuine messages and/or deliver quality content and help people see the value in these personal growth programs like I hope I was able to do for you today.

You’ll be amazed at how many people are already looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Good luck and happy affiliate marketing! 😉

If you need any more advice, feel free to contact me.

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