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Wix Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know About This Website Builder

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Wix Review - What is Wix?
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Are you in need of a cost-effective website builder, packed with features and simple to use?

Well, you might want to check out Wix.

With over 200 million users worldwide, Wix is undeniably one of the most sought-after website builders on the market.

In this post, I’ll give you an overview of what Wix can do for you and how it compares to other website builders.

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Wix Review At A Glance

Drag-and-Drop InterfaceYes
Monthly CostFree to $59
Social Media IntegrationYes
Email ToolsYes
Inventory ManagementYes
SSL CertificateYes

What Is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one website builder that lets you create stunning websites without any coding or design skills.

You can choose from over 800 templates that suit various niches and purposes or use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to create a website for you in minutes.

Wix Review - Wix Templates
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You can also customize your website with the Wix drag-and-drop editor or Editor X for more advanced design control.

Wix Review - Wix Editor X
Photo from Editor X

Wix also offers a range of features and integrations that help you grow your online presence and business.

You can add a blog, an online store, a booking system, a contact form, and more to your website with just a few clicks.

Wix Review - Wix Drag and Drop Builder
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You can also optimize your website for search engines with built-in SEO tools and analytics.

Wix Review - Wix SEO Tool Set
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How Much Does Wix Cost?

Wix has a free plan that lets you create a basic website with limited features and storage.

But, if you want to remove the Wix ads, connect your own domain name, and access more features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Wix has four premium plans for general websites: Combo ($16/month), Unlimited ($22/month), Pro ($27/month) and VIP ($45/month).

Wix Review Premium Plans
Photo from Wix

These plans come with different amounts of storage space, bandwidth, and additional features like video hours, a professional logo maker, and priority customer support.

If you want to sell products or services on your website, you’ll need one of the three Business and eCommerce plans: Business Basic ($27/month), Business Unlimited ($32/month), and Business VIP ($59/month).

Wix Business Plans
Photo from Wix

These plans include all the features of the general website plans plus secure online payments, customer accounts, and sales analytics.

All premium plans include a free domain name for one year and an SSL certificate for security.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Wix?

Wix has many advantages as a website builder:


It’s easy to use

You don’t need any technical or design skills to create a beautiful website with Wix.

The drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and user-friendly.

Wix Website Builder is Intuitive and User-Friendly
Photo from Wix

It’s flexible

You can customize your site as much as you want with the standard editor or Editor X. You can also switch between editors at any time.

It’s feature-rich

You can add almost any functionality to your site with the hundreds of apps available in the Wix App Market.

Wix is feature-rich
Photo from Wix
Wix Website Builder Features
Photo from Wix

You can also integrate your website with third-party services like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Facebook Pixel.

It’s SEO-friendly

Wix helps you optimize your website for search engines with its built-in SEO tools.

You can edit meta tags, canonical tags, robots.txt files, and more.

You can also get instant Google indexing for faster results.

It’s mobile-friendly

All Wix templates are responsive and adapt to different screen sizes. You can also enable or disable a mobile view of your website.

Wix Website Builder Templates and Inspiration
Photo from Wix

While there are many amazing perks of creating your website on Wix, there are also a few cons to consider.


No ownership

For instance, when your website is hosted on Wix, you don’t have full ownership of your website.

Wix Web Hosting
Photo from Wix

It’s not very scalable

If you want to switch to another platform, you’d have to start from scratch as exporting and migrating your website’s data out of Wix isn’t supported.

So if your website grows too big or complex, you might encounter some performance issues or limitations with Wix.

It’s not very flexible or streamlined

Once you choose a template for your website, you can’t change it without starting over from scratch.

This means that if you ever want to completely redesign your website, you’ll have to rebuild it from zero.

It’s not very cheap

Compared to other website builders like Squarespace or GoDaddy Website Builder, which offer similar features at lower prices, Wix might seem expensive.

Especially if you need eCommerce capabilities, which require higher-tier plans.

Wix Main Features

Here are some of the main features that make Wix stand out from the crowd:

Wix Templates

Wix Templates
Photo from Wix

As briefly mentioned earlier, Wix offers over 800+ professionally designed Wix website templates that match numerous niches and purposes.

You can browse them by category or use filters to find the perfect one for your Wix website.

All templates are fully and intuitively customizable and responsive, meaning they look great on any device.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence
Photo from Wix

If you don’t have time or inspiration to create your website from scratch, you can use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to do it for you.

Just answer a few questions about your website’s goal, style, and features, and Wix ADI will generate a creatively impressive WIx website for you in seconds to minutes.

Afterward, you’re still given the creative freedom to tweak as much as you want with the drag-and-drop Wix website editor.

Wix Editor

WIx Website Editor
Photo from Wix

If you want more control over your website’s design and functionality, you can use the Wix Editor to customize every aspect of your website.

The editor is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to drag and drop elements onto your page and change colors, fonts, images, animations, and more.

Editor X

Editor X - Advanced Design Features
Photo from Editor X

For advanced users who want even more design flexibility and precision, there’s Editor X.

This is a separate platform owned by Wix that offers you complete control over website design with endless possibilities.

It has powerful tools like the advanced code editor, designer-made components, and built-in page analytics that make it easier to build custom websites perfectly tailored to your vision.

Wix Website - Editor X Custom Code
Photo from Editor X

Editor X also lets you create websites using CSS Grid technology and flexible layouts.

You can also use code-free tools like Flexbox containers, custom breakpoints, media queries, and more to create responsive websites that adapt to any screen size.

Wix App Market

One of the best things about Wix is that it offers hundreds of apps that you can add to your website with just a few clicks.

WIx Website Builder - Wix App Market
Photo from Wix

These apps range from essential features like blogs, online stores, contact forms, booking systems, etc., to niche-specific features like music players, video makers, event calendars, etc.

And to highlight again, you can also integrate your website with third-party services like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Facebook Pixel, etc.

These are just some of the main features that make Wix one of the best website builders on the market.

But don’t just take my word for it — try it out yourself and see what Wix can do for you.

Wix Blogging

Wix Blogging - Blog Editor
Photo from Wix

You can easily create a blog with Wix, as the platform has integrated blogging features into its website editor.

This means you don’t need to use a third-party service to start your own blog — it’s right there in Wix.

The blogging feature makes it easy for users to create beautiful and informative blogs, with features like post scheduling, RSS feeds, commenting systems, and more.

And if you’re just getting started with blogging, Wix also has a dedicated blog setup wizard that takes you through the steps to get your blog up and running in no time.

Wix Blogging Feature - Wix Review 2023 - Wix Website Builder
Photo from Wix

And if you already have an established blog, it’s easy to import content from other blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger.

Overall, the Wix blogging feature is a great way to create and share content with your audience.

Wix eCommerce

You can also use the Wix website builder for building online stores. The platform offers integrated shopping carts, payment processing, product variants, inventory management, shipping options, etc.

Wix Review - Wix eCommerce - Wix Website Builder
Photo from Wix

It also offers a secure checkout process and integrates with popular third-party shopping carts services like Shopify and PayPal.

Additionally, you can use the Wix mobile app to manage your store from anywhere — allowing you to respond quickly to customer inquiries or stay up-to-date on your store’s activity.

Wix Mobile App - Wix Review
Photo from Wix

And with Wix eCommerce, you also have access to marketing and SEO tools that are designed to help you get more customers and increase sales.

So if you’re looking for a powerful website builder that offers all the features you need to create an online store, the Wix website builder is worth considering.

Wix Enterprise Plans

For larger businesses, Wix also offers Enterprise plans that include special features for bigger sites.

These plans offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, more advanced technical support options, API access, custom domain names, etc.

Additionally, the Wix Enterprise plans allow you to switch between different website builders (e.g., Editor X or Wix Code) depending on your needs.

Wix Email Marketing

Ascend by Wix offers integrated email marketing tools that make it easy to send newsletters and other promotional messages to your customers.

Wix Email Marketing Tools - Wix Website Templates
Photo from Wix

The platform has a drag-and-drop email editor that makes creating beautiful emails quick and easy.

You can also use features like automated email campaigns, list segmentation, tracking analytics, A/B testing, and more to optimize your email campaigns for higher engagement and sales.

Wix Customer Service and Support

Wix offers a comprehensive customer service and support system.

The platform has an extensive knowledge base that includes helpful articles and tutorials, as well as a community forum where users can get answers to their questions from fellow Wix users.

Additionally, the Wix My Account portal lets you manage your account and contact Wix’s customer care team if you need help.

Also, the Wix support team is available 24/7 via live chat, email support, and phone support.

Other Wix Benefits

Social Media Graphics: The Wix Social Post Editor allows you to easily share your website’s content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook Ads: You can set up your Facebook ads with Wix.

Online Scheduling: The Wix Bookings tool allows customers to easily book appointments and services online. Through the Wix upgrade feature, you can sell scheduled services too.

Domain Names: You can register domain names with Wix.

The Bottom Line – Is Wix Worth It?

Overall, Wix is one of the best website builder platforms on the market — especially for small businesses and personal websites, and it has a large community and online tutorials and resources that prevent you from getting stuck.

Yes, Wix is worth it.

Wix Review 2023: Final Thoughts

I hope this Wix Review (2023) helps you make the right decision for your website-building needs!

Thank you for reading.

Oh yeah, whenever you’re ready to build your Wix website — you don’t have to do it alone — By Timeless is a top creative consulting agency that can help. Visit them here.


Wix is known for being one of the most user-friendly website builders because it offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes building a website easy.

It also has an intuitive editor that allows you to quickly customize your site’s design, add content, and create beautiful pages with just a few clicks.

And if you need help with anything, Wix also has a community forum where users can get answers to their questions and access helpful tutorials.

Overall, Wix is one of the most user-friendly website builders on the market — making it perfect for beginners and experienced web designers alike.

Wix takes website security seriously and provides users with an SSL certificate to protect their websites from malicious attacks.

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